Research & Writing

Ashley M. Gjøvik

Journalist & Academic Author

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts & Sciences, with minors in Literature and Writing. I was honored by the Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society. I’ve won awards at law school for academic excellence in my studies of legislation, statutory analysis, public health, and property rights.


I’m passionate about academic research and writing, historical and legal analysis, & investigative journalism. I’m available for commissioned research and writing projects including articles, analysis, case studies, op-eds, reports, and reviews. Contact me to discuss.

Table of Contents

Published Work

“Nestlé’s Blatant Misconduct Shows Us the Darkness of Capitalism,” CovertAction (February 2023) [Access here]

  • Republished in Monthly Review: “Nestlé’s blatant misconduct shows us the darkness of capitalism,” MR Online (February 2023) [Access here]
  • Republished in Transcend Media: “Nestlé’s Blatant Misconduct Shows Us the Darkness of Capitalism,” (February 2023) [Access here]

“Antitrust Action Supports Human Rights, Not Just Competition,” The National Interest (July 2022) [Access here]

Big Tech are Private Regulators of Digital Expression,” Big Tech Politics (April 2022) [Access here]

Taken Down” A Look into Apple’s Transparency Reports,” ForwardGreatFire & AppleCensorship (2022) [Access here].  

​”I was fired from Apple after making several labor complaints against the company. Speaking out feels like going up against a powerful government,” Business Insider (Sep 16, 2021). [Access here]

​”Elon Musk’s ‘City-State’ on Mars: An International Problem,” Modern Diplomacy (2021). [Access here].

“Chagos: An Achievement in Self-Determination with a Treacherous Path to Decolonization,” Modern Diplomacy (2021). [Access here]

“Groundwater Rise: An International Problem that California Must Solve,” Citizen Yang, (2021). [Access here].

“I Thought I Was Dying: My Apartment Was Built on Toxic Waste,” San Francisco Bay View (2021). [Access here].

“Acceptable Use Policy,” Portland State University (2014). [Archived]

Lead Contributor: “A Digital Bill of Rights,” Mashable (2013). [Access here]. 

Unpublished / In Progress Work

“Best Practices for Truth & Reconciliation Commissions,” Transitional Justice, University of Oxford (2021). ​

“Selective Justice & the Politics of Victimization: A Critique of ​Rwanda’s Gacaca Process,” Transitional Justice, University of Oxford (2021). 

“Climate Change Localism: Creating a Platform for International Non-State Political Agreements,” International Law, Santa Clara University School of Law (2021). 

“Human Rights & Santa Clara County, California Jails During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Public Health Law, Santa Clara University School of Law (2020). 

“Math & Poetry: Rhythm, Meter, & Rhyme,” Excursions in Mathematics, Portland State University (2010).

“Victor Frankenstein’s Creature: A Search for Home,” British Romanticism, Portland State University (2009).

“The Nature of Monstrosity,” 
British Romanticism, Portland State University (2009).

“On the Release of Bondage in Coleridge’s ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’,” British Romanticism, Portland State University (2009).

“Representations of Gendered Views of Nature,” Ecocriticism, Portland State University (2009).

“West Africa’s War: Liberia’s Collapsing Government & The Refugee Crisis in Guinea,” Political Issues & Foreign Affairs, (2004). 

Applying Thoreau’s ‘Walden’ to the Society of Economy Today,” American Literature, The Academy, (2002). 

Reviews of my Work

“Ashley’s poems have a mythic quality that can take the mundane world and make it intriguing and titillating. Her work has a sardonic element that provides both levity and honesty. She keenly references pop culture, academia, and consumer products while having tongue planted firmly in cheek. She is willing to go to challenging places not to make a statement, but to open up discussion. She courageously delves into matters of sexuality, capitalism, religion, and alienation, while avoiding heavy-handedness. A reader of her work is rewarded with poignant commentary on modern life, with all its nuances and vibrancy.”

– Advanced Poetry Writing, Portland State University (2011)


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