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Ashley Gjøvik is a program manager, strategist, researcher, and writer. Ashley worked at Apple and Nike for ten years in roles that intersected both engineering and business, and where she managed hundreds of high-risk, multi-million dollar projects and programs. She received a formal award from Nike in 2013 for her exceptional oversight of a high-risk, high-impact global human resources project. Most recently, she was a Senior Engineering Program Manager and chief of staff in Hardware Engineering at Apple. At Apple, she also developed policies and ran campaigns related to AI ethics, corporate social responsibility, employee engagement, knowledge management, and program management best practices. Today, Ashley has over twenty years of experience working in a variety of professional sectors and functions (government, education, law, science, technology, engineering, medical, finance, supply chains, human resources, and more) which enables her to solve complicated problems and provide strategic policy guidance in just about any situation.

Ashley obtained a Juris Doctor degree and a certificate in Public International Law with honors in 2022. Her undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science and she’s been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2013. Ashley won awards in law school for academic excellence in statutory analysis and the legislative process, public health law, and property rights. She’s a published author and currently serves as an Officer in the Compliance sub-committee of the International Bar Association’s Anti-Corruption committee. Ashley founded the D&G Center for Megacorporation Reform in 2022. Ashley is dedicated to challenging corruption and fighting for everyone’s rights to privacy, a healthy environment, consumer and labor protections, and a fair and accountable society.

Ashley left Apple in 2021 after the corporation fired her in retaliation for her reports to the federal and California governments for a multitude of issues stemming from her safety concerns about her office on a Superfund site. While still employed, Ashley resorted to taking her concerns public and immediately garnered notoriety for calling the company out and publicly demanding reform. Ashley’s whistleblowing increased public scrutiny of Apple’s employment policies and sparked a wider discussion about how employees are treated in the tech sector. Ashley’s safety complaints triggered action by the US EPA, and Ashley is suing Apple for whistleblower retaliation and labor law violations.


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