Silicon Valley Chemical Exposure

Groundwater plume map

“Silicon Valley is home to one of the nation’s heaviest concentrations of toxic-waste sites. Even as Silicon Valley positions itself as an eco-friendly clean-technology center, the tech industry’s underbelly continues to scar the region.” [Wall Street Journal: link]

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​”California’s Santa Clara County, the seat of Silicon Valley, has more federal Superfund sites than anywhere else in the US. According to an NBC Bay Area investigation from 2014, Santa Clara county is also home to hundreds more unofficial toxic waste sites; The NBC team counted 518 chemical spill sites in total.” [Quartz: link

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“Silicon Valley is not what it seems. The world’s capital of tech innovation prefers to keep its superlatives, good and bad, under wraps. Along its Prius-choked roads, it looks like Anywhere, U.S.A.: single-family-home suburbs south of San Francisco, bordered by chain stores, auto dealerships and corporate parks — lots of beige, boxy corporate parks. Inside these plain vanilla buildings, where C.E.O.s in hoodies and jeans stockpile more money than the G.D.P. of developing countries, newly minted techies complain that “S.V.,” the world’s largest wealth generator, is too expensive and that its exhausting work culture is toxic. So, too, is the land beneath their feet. From its origins as a manufacturer of silicon chips and semiconductors, Santa Clara County is riddled with 23 toxic Superfund sites, more than any county in the country. The issue is no secret — Silicon Valley government officials are well-schooled on the sites and news organizations have written about them. Still, Silicon Valley’s Superfund sites rarely make news. ” [New York Times: link]


  • Cupertino Superfund sites: 12x total, 2x active NPL: AcrianAmpexHewlett PackardIntersilSiemensKaiserSC QuarryTandemTimex,  Zilog Inc, & Zilog corp. [EPA: link
  • “Apple Park” (Intersil EPA Superfund site; TCE, TCA, & PCE cleanup), [US EPAlink] [CA Water Boardslink]
  • “Apple Park” (Siemens EPA Superfund site; TCE & TCA cleanup), [CA Water Boardslink
  • “Apple Park” (HP Superfund/Water Boards clean-up; TCE, arsenic, etc cleanup) [CA Water Boards: link
  • “Infinite Loop” (cleanup site): [CA Water Boards: link & link], [CA DTSC: link] ​
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  • Mercury Spill [EPAlink]

Mountain View

  • Mountain View Superfund site: 29x total; 1x deleted; 6x active [EPAlink
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Palo Alto

  • Palo Alto Superfund sites: 38x total; 1x active NPL [EPAlink] ​
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San Jose & Morgan Hill

  • San Jose Superfund sites: 73x total; 2x active NPL [EPAlink
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Santa Clara city

  • Santa Clara city Superfund sites: 67x total; 1x closed NPL, 3x active NPL: [EPA: link]
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“Unbeknownst to even seasoned inhabitants, today’s Silicon Valley had its start in government secrecy and wartime urgency… [The] roots of Silicon Valley sprang not from the later development of the silicon semiconductor but instead from the earlier technology duel over the skies of Germany and secret efforts around (and over) the Soviet Union. World War II, the Cold War and one Stanford professor set the stage for the creation and explosive growth of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. The world was forever changed when the Defense Department, CIA and the National Security Agency acted like today’s venture capitalists funding this first wave of entrepreneurship.” [Steve Blank: link]

“Today, the valley is home to more EPA Superfund sites than any other county in the nation, with the most notorious of those sites from a leaking tank at a Fairchild Semiconductor fabrication plant poisoning a well that served the south San Jose neighborhood of Los Paseos. A subsequent study by the state’s Department of Health Services found 2.5 to three times the expected rate of miscarriages and birth defects among pregnant women exposed to the contaminated drinking water, leading to a lawsuit and multimillion-dollar settlement in 1986 with over 250 claimants.” [Salon: link]

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Mapping & Risk Assessment Tech

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