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Ashley M. Gjøvik

Human Rights Lawyer

Safety & Privacy Whistleblower

Sr. Engineering Program Manager

Investigative Journalist

Academic Author & Educator

Interviews, Presentations, & Press

This page includes both personal & professional interviews & press coverage.

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Public Health

Glasgow Caledonian University,Ashley Gjovik: Whistleblowing for Health and the Environment,” Nov 10 2022 [link]

LaborVideo WorkWeek: Apple Toxic, & Is It Above The Law? With Whistleblower Ashley M. Gjøvik,” Sept 30 2022 [link]

Pacifica Radio: “Apple’s Superfund Site & Whistleblower,” Sept 26 2022 [link]

Index on Censorship: “Apple poisoned me: physically, mentally, spiritually.” Dec 15 2021 [link]

The New York Times,”Delays, More Masks and Mandatory Shots: Virus Surge Disrupts Office-Return Plans,” (July 23, 2021) ​[Access: here]

The New York Times, “Quotation of the Day: Virus Surge Complicates Return-to-Office Plans,” Ashley Gjovik (July 24, 2021) ​[Access: here]

Freedom of Speech

Law360, “Why Attorneys Are Jumping To The Mastodon Social Platform,” Nov 29 2022 [link]

Covert Action via Podbean,Whistleblower Exposes Apple’s Toxic Waste Cover-up, Secret Police Intimidation & Government Ties,” Sept 21 2022 [link]

RightsCon 2022: “Apple censorship: what apps have disappeared from Apple’s App Store?,” Content Governance Tech Demo with the Project Director, June 8 2022.

Index on Censorship: “Apple’s Chinese and Russian takedowns come under scrutiny: A new report by GreatFire and whistleblower Ashley Gjovik reveals the tech giant complies with far more requests from the two governments than elsewhere,” April 22 2022 [link]

Right to Privacy

AIM: “Apple’s Privacy Play Lands the Company in Trouble… Again,” Nov 24 2022 [link]

Privacy by Design Lab, Privacy Talk with Ashley Gjøvik, JD, Apple Whistleblower and A.M. Gjovik Consulting, LLC” Nov 22 2022 [link]

DER SPIEGEL: Apple lädt Mitarbeiter zu Datenparty – um Gesichter zu scannen,” June 26 2022 [link]

Biometrics Update“Ex-employee accuses Apple of training iPhone biometrics by violating staff privacy,” April 20 2022 [link]

Clubic: “Pour tester Face ID, Apple obligerait ses employés à partager leurs données biométriques,” April 13 2022 [link]

Tech Unwrapped: “Apple: a whistleblower accuses the firm of spying on its employees under the guise of product tests,” April 12 2022 [link

TechCrunch“Ex-Apple employee takes Face ID privacy complaint to Europe,” April 11 2022 [link]

City AM: “Apple under spotlight amid spying claims,” April 10 2022 [link

Telegraph“Apple whistleblower brings spying claims to UK,” April 10 2022 [link]

Futurism“Apple Employees are Unionizing and They’re suing Android Phones to Keep Apple from Spying on Them,” Feb 20 2022 [link]

Truthout“Apple Employee Blows Whistle on Illegal Spying and Toxic Working Conditions.” Dec 19 2021 [link]

Gizmodo: “Apple Wanted Her Fired. It Settled on an Absurd Excuse,” Oct 14 2021 [link]

Protocol: “Worker surveillance is making employees miserable. What to consider before implementing monitoring tools,” Sept 20 2021 [here]​

The Verge: “Apple Cares About Privacy, Unless You Work at Apple,” Aug 30, 2021 [View: Here

Corporate Responsibility & Anti-Corruption

CovertAction: “Pushback Against Empire: CovertAction Magazine Holiday Party and Fundraiser,” Featured Speaker, Dec 1 2022 [link]

IndyBay & WorkWeek: “Apple & Toxic Waste: Is It Above The Law? Interview with Whistleblower Ashley M. Gjøvik.” Sept 29 2022 [link]

CovertAction Bulletin: “Whistleblower Exposes Apple’s Toxic Waste Cover-up, Secret Police Intimidation & Government Ties,” Sept 21 2022 [link]

The Mac Observer: SEC allows AAPL Shareholders to Push For Details on Apple NDAs,” Dec 23 2021 [link]

Above the Law: “I Know A Good Apple Is Tart, But Exploitation Is Bitter,” Dec 21 2021 [link]

MB, “Apple Accused of OSHA Retaliation Despite the Lack of OSHA Complaint,” Dec 16 2021 [link]

Financial Times: “Apple fights shareholder call for more transparency on forced labour,” Oct 27 2021 [link]

Labor Rights & Blowing the Whistle

Whistleblower Network News“U.S. Department of Labor Investigating Apple Whistleblower’s Allegations,” Dec 16 2021 [link]

CNN, “Apple faces Labor Department investigation as tensions with employees escalate,” Dec 14 2021 [link]

CBS:Apple Faces Labor Department Whistleblower Investigation As Tensions With Employees Escalate,” Dec 14 2021 [link

The Street:Apple Staffer’s Retaliation Claim Investigated by U.S. Labor Agency: Reports,” Dec 14 2021 [link]

Axios: “Labor Department digs into complaint against Apple,” Dec 14 2021 [link]

CNET: Apple becomes subject of Labor Department investigation,” Dec 13 2021 [link]

The New York Times: “The Labor Department is investigating Apple’s treatment of employees.” Dec 13 2021 [link]

Financial Times: “Apple faces probe over whether it retaliated against whistleblower,” Dec 13 2021 [link]

Slate“In the Summer, Three Workplace Activists Were Making Waves at Apple. All Three Are Now Gone.” Nov 24 2021 [link]

Apple Insider: “Apple says workers have right to discuss pay, but scrutiny of employee policy intensifies,” Nov 19 2021 [link]

The New York Times:“Another Apple Worker Says the Company Retaliated Against Her,” Nov 2 2021 [link]

Slate: “How Leakers Get Dealt With in Silicon Valley,” Oct 27 2021 [link]

Gizmodo: “Apple Wanted Her Fired. It Settled on an Absurd Excuse,” Oct 14 2021 [link]

Harvard Law Review OnLabor Blog: “News & Commentary – Oct 13 2021,” [link]

Business Insider: “Former Apple employee alleges a Tim Cook email saying leakers ‘do not belong’ at the company violates worker-protection laws,” Oct 12 2021 [link]

Bloomberg: “Apple CEO’s Anti-Leak Edict Broke Law, Ex-Employee Alleges,” Oct 12 2021 [link]

The Verge: “Apple’s fortress of secrecy is crumbling from the inside,” Sept 30 2021 [link]

Justia: “Former Apple Employee Alleges Workplace Violations and Wrongful Termination,” Sept 20 2021 [here]

The New York Times: Tim Cook Faces Surprising Employee Unrest at Apple. Hundreds of current and former Apple workers are complaining about their work environment, a rarity for the once tight-lipped company,” Sept 17 2021 [link]

Apple Insider:“Apple faces labor relations charge, OSHA investigation over fired employee,” Sep 17 2021 [link]

Fudzilla: “Apple faces another charge of employee hassling,” 17 Sept 2021 [link]

OP-ED: I was fired from Apple after making several labor complaints against the company. Speaking out feels like going up against a powerful government, Business Insider, Sept 16 2021 [link] [text]

Business Insider: “Apple hit by another NLRB charge for firing senior manager who complained of harassment,” Sept 16 2021 [link]

Telegraph: “Apple fires whistleblower who complained about workplace sexism,” Sept 10 2021 [link]

Mercury News, “Apple fires senior manager who complained of harassment, allegedly for leaking data,” Sept 10 2021 [link

Business Insider: “Program manager fired by Apple allegedly over workplace complaints receives right to sue from federal agency,” Sept 10 2021 [link]

Bloomberg: “Apple Fires Manager Who Complained; She Gains Right to Sue,” Sept 9 2021 [link]

Apple Insider: “Apple fires employee who spoke out on workplace issues, cites alleged leak,” Sept 9 2021 [link]

Gizmodo: “Apple Fires Program Manager Who Accused Bosses of Harassment, Intimidation,” Sept 9 2021 [link]

The Hill: “Apple employees allege harassment, retaliation,” Sep 3, 2021 [View: here]

BBC: “Apple employees make US labour watchdog complaints,” Sep 3, 2021 [View: here]

Bloomberg: “National Labor Relations Board Fields Complaints About Apple,” Sept 2 2021 [link]

Reuters: “U.S. labor agency probes two complaints from Apple workers,” Sept 2 2021 [link]

Financial Times: “US labour board examines retaliation claims against Apple: Senior engineering program manager’s allegations include workplace harassment and job reassignment,” Sept 2 2021 [link]

Business Insider: “An Apple engineer on leave after publicly alleging sexism says co-workers kept a scoreboard to make her quit,” Aug 17, 2021 [Access: here

The Telegraph: A senior Apple engineer has claimed she has been placed on administrative leave after raising concerns about sexism and health and safety,” August 5, 2021 [Access: here]

The Verge: ​”Apple places female engineering program manager on administrative leave after tweeting about sexism in the office,” August 4, 2021 [Access: here]


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