Ashley Gjovik: Interviews and Press

Ashley Gjovik: Press Coverage, Interviews, and Presentations

Ashley M. Gjøvik

Human Rights Lawyer

Safety & Privacy Whistleblower

Sr. Engineering Program Manager

Investigative Journalist

Academic Author & Educator

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Profiles on Ashley Gjovik

Télérama, Ashley Gjøvik, lanceuse d’alerte licenciée par Apple, seule contre tous,” March 14 2023

DER SPIEGEL: Apple lädt Mitarbeiter zu Datenparty – um Gesichter zu scannen,” June 26 2022

The Telegraph, Apple whistleblower Ashley Gjøvik: ‘My life is a goddamn nightmare now’”, April 17 2022

Index on Censorship:Apple poisoned me: physically, mentally, spiritually. December 15 2021 [republished on Sage Publications]

Presentations & Speaking Events


LaborFest, From Silicon Valley To Hunters Point, Whistleblowers, Workers & Residents,” July 24 2023


MozFest, special guest at Thomas Le Bonniec’s presentation: “Is my phone listening to me?” and other political questions around privacy,” March 24 2023

CovertAction: Pushback Against Empire: CovertAction Magazine Holiday Party and Fundraiser,” Featured Speaker, December 1 2022

Privacy by Design Lab, Privacy Talk with Ashley Gjøvik, JD, Apple Whistleblower and A.M. Gjovik Consulting, LLC” November 22 2022

Glasgow Caledonian University,Ashley Gjovik: Whistleblowing for Health and the Environment,” November 10 2022

RightsCon 2022: Apple censorship: what apps have disappeared from Apple’s App Store?,” Content Governance Tech Demo with the Project Director, June 8 2022.

Research & Commentary

Teachable: “What is Bluesky? What creators should know about the invite-only platform,” May 8 2023

CyberNews, “Bluesky: the invite-only social network disrupting the digital landscape,” May 2 2023

Mashable, “What to know before signing up for Bluesky: Signing up means signing over your content.” April 29 2023

The Wrap,Users Flock to Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Rival Bluesky, but Fine Print Gives Some Pause,” April 29 2023 [Republished by Yahoo]

Law360, “Why Attorneys Are Jumping To The Mastodon Social Platform,” Nov 29 2022

AIM: “Apple’s Privacy Play Lands the Company in Trouble… Again,” November 24 2022

Index on Censorship: “Apple’s Chinese and Russian takedowns come under scrutiny: A new report by GreatFire and whistleblower Ashley Gjovik reveals the tech giant complies with far more requests from the two governments than elsewhere,” April 22 2022

Select Whistleblower Coverage

IT World Canada,Apple whistleblower sues for retaliation, privacy violations,” September 23 2023

RT, “Blowing the whistle on Apple,” September 23 2023

Whistleblower Network News, “Apple Whistleblower Ashley Gjøvik – Part 2, August 2 2023

Whistleblower Network News,Apple Whistleblower Ashley Gjøvik – Part 1, July 21 2023

MacWorld,Apple’s war against leakers is really a battle against the people that matter most,” February 7 2023

Westlaw, “Apple workplace rules violate U.S. labor law, agency finds,” 38 No. 01 Westlaw Journal Employment 03, February 7 2023

HR Dive, “NLRB: Apple illegally interfered with employees’ protected activity,” February 6 2023

Tech HQ, Apple “infringed workers’ rights” over unionization,” February 6 2023

The Register, NLRB: Merit to allegations against Apple,” February 1 2023

Entrepreneur, “This Culture Of Secrecy Is Not Okay’: Former Apple Employee Celebrates NLRB Decision That It Violated Worker Rights,” January 31 2023

CNN, Apple has infringed on worker rights, NLRB investigators say,” January 31 2023

Yahoo! Finance, Former Apple employee claims Tim Cook email in conflict with federal labor law, January 31 2023

CBS Bay Area,NLRB investigators: Apple infringed on worker rights,” January 31 2023

Reuters, “Apple workplace rules violate U.S. labor law, agency finds,” January 31 2023

FOSS Patents, Apple whistleblower Ashley Gjøvik makes headway in labor dispute: if NLRB’s finding of violation of federal law is upheld, Apple will have to fix policies nationwide,” January 31 2023

TechCrunch, Labor officials found that Apple execs infringed on workers’ rights,” January 30 2023

Bloomberg, “Apple Executives Violated Worker Rights, Labor Officials Say,” January 30 2023 [Republished on Yahoo] [Republished by Bloomberg Law]

TechCrunchEx-Apple employee takes Face ID privacy complaint to Europe,” April 11 2022

Telegraph“Apple whistleblower brings spying claims to UK,” April 10 2022

Ring of Fire: America’s Lawyer, Illnesses Rise At California Apple Facility Built On Superfund Site, January 1 2022

Above the Law: I Know A Good Apple Is Tart, But Exploitation Is Bitter,December 21 2021

Whistleblower Network News“U.S. Department of Labor Investigating Apple Whistleblower’s Allegations,” December 16 2021

CNN, Apple faces Labor Department investigation as tensions with employees escalate,” December 14 2021

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre: The Labor Department is investigating Apple’s treatment of employees, December 13 2021

Financial Times: “Apple faces probe over whether it retaliated against whistleblower, December 13 2021

Inverse, “Apple is leaning on weak arguments to defend a senior engineer’s firing,” October 15 2021

Gizmodo: “Apple Wanted Her Fired. It Settled on an Absurd Excuse,” October 14 2021

Harvard Law Review OnLabor Blog:OnLabor News & Commentary – October 13 2021,”

Business Insider: “Former Apple employee alleges a Tim Cook email saying leakers ‘do not belong’ at the company violates worker-protection laws,” October 12 2021

Bloomberg: Apple CEO’s Anti-Leak Edict Broke Law, Ex-Employee Alleges,” October 12 2021 

Justia: Former Apple Employee Alleges Workplace Violations and Wrongful Termination, September 20 2021

The New York Times: Tim Cook Faces Surprising Employee Unrest at Apple. Hundreds of current and former Apple workers are complaining about their work environment, a rarity for the once tight-lipped company, September 17 2021

Business Insider: “Op Ed: I was fired from Apple after making several labor complaints against the company. Speaking out feels like going up against a powerful government,” Ashley Gjovik, September 16 2021

Gizmodo: “Apple Fires Program Manager Who Accused Bosses of Harassment, Intimidation,” September 9 2021

TechDirt: Apple’s Dedication To Privacy Is Missing When It Comes To Its Workforce, Employees Say, August 31 2021

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre: Apple employees raise concerns company does not protect and at times invades their personal privacy,August 31 2021

Video & Podcast Interviews

Out of the Blank, “#1432 – Ashley Gjovik,” June 15 2023

Pacific Free Press“Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Ashley Gjøvik, Andy Worthington May 10, 2023,” May 10 2023

LaborVideo WorkWeek:Ashley M. Gjøvik, Apple’s War On Whistleblowers, Toxics & Capture Of EPA & OSHA,” March 7 2023

CovertAction Bulletin, “CovertAction Bulletin: NLRB Rules in Favor of Apple Whistleblower,” Feb 9 2023

Pacifica Radio: Apple Whistleblower, EPA Corporate Capture, February 6 2023

IndyBay & LaborVideo WorkWeek: The Union Busting War On Apple Workers & NLRB Ruling For Fired Apple Worker Ashley M. Gjøvik,” Feb 2 2023

Tech Direct, Interview with Ashley Gjovik,Jan 21 2023

LaborVideo: Apple is Toxic: Is It Above The Law? Interview with Whistleblower Ashley M. Gjøvik.” Sept 29 2022

IndyBay & WorkWeek: Apple & Toxic Waste: Is It Above The Law? Interview with Whistleblower Ashley M. Gjøvik.” Sept 29 2022

Pacifica Radio: Apple’s Superfund Site & Whistleblower, September 26 2022

CovertAction Bulletin: Whistleblower Exposes Apple’s Toxic Waste Cover-up, Secret Police Intimidation & Government Ties,” September 21 2022

Covert Action via Podbean,Whistleblower Exposes Apple’s Toxic Waste Cover-up, Secret Police Intimidation & Government Ties,” September 21 2022


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